Thursday, May 21, 2020

Let's Boycott Mean Tweets

Apparently "mean tweets" are a thing.

 I never heard of them until I saw the title of this video and decided to watch it.

The actors reading out and reacting to mean tweets presumably left on the official Twitter page for Something Rotten.

And someone said that they got the idea from Jimmy Kimmel's TV program.

These are just evil.

I'm not sure if they were made up, and the actors were pretending to be upset, or if they were actually sent and the actors were pretending to not be upset...

But really, reading these things out is just encouraging unkind behavior.

 I didn't find any of them funny at all.

But, I'll share the video....

but how about we start a movement - anyone who sends a "mean tweet" about an actor or anyone else for that matter, everyone respond with

"That was unkind and uncalled for. Let's be appreciators, not haters."