Soundtrack Collector

I am a collector - in fact I have dozens of collections in certain niches.

Some people collect all the soundtracks from one particular show. (Broadway cast recording, West End cast recording, Touring cast recording), or of every show ever made.

Some people just collect the soundtracks on which their favorite actor/singer appears.

I'm in the first group - I like to hear how different singers have interpreted different songs.

But this is the Borle Soundtrack Collector Page, so below you['ll find links to all the soundtracks available with Mr. Borle's vocals.

Prodigal (2002)
Prodigal debuted off-Broadway, at the York Theatre, in 2002 - imported from Australia and set in Australia.

Main character Luke (Joshua Park) abandons the family fishing business and goes to college in "the big city," Sydney, where he comes to the realization that he's gay, and also becomes a drug addict. There, he meets Zach (Christian Borle) a drag artiste. He returns home to his family, including his older brother Kane (also played by Borle) and his father who has trouble accepting that he's gay.

The musical was reviewed by the Daily News on Thursday, March 14, 2002, with a photo of Christian Borle in drag and actress Kerry Butler.

Spamalot (2005)
Spamalot was an adaption of the classic Monty Python movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Christian Borle had multiple roles - as the Narrator, Prince Herbert, Not Dead Fred, and the minstrel accompanying Sir Robin (David Hyde Pierce), and one of the French guards during the "taunting" scene.

Spamalot had tryouts at the Schubert Theatre in January 2005. At this time Borle (as well as the rest of the cast)  got to meet Monty Python (except for John Cleese whom Borle found intimidating and very tall).

The show opened in May. Many of the reviews mentioned Christian and shared a photo of him as Prince Herbert with Hank Azaria as Sir Lancelot.

Legally Blonde Original Broadway Cast (2007) 
Christian Borle originated the role of Emmet Forrest in Legally Blonde, the musical adaption of the 2001 movie.

The soundtrack was recorded in May. Three performances were filmed in September, and the performances were edited together and broadcast on MTV on October 13, 2007.

The Broadway show closed on October 19, 2008, after 30 previews (in San Francisco) and 595 performances on Broadway.

The Sound of Music NBC Television Event (2013)
Christian Borle played Max Detweiler.
He has two duets: "How Can Love Survive and "No Way to Stop It."


Peter Pan Live (2014) 
Christian Borle plays Mr. Darling and Smee. He has no solos, but sings as a member of the pirates in "Pirates March," "Vengreance," "Hook's Tango," and "Hook's Waltz."

A New Brain New York Cast Recording (2015)
Under construction

Something Rotten (2015)

Christian Borle plays Shakespeare.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2017)

Christian Borle played Willie Wonka.