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It is not connected with Mr. Borle in any way.

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Considering how popular Christian Borle is, I was surprised to see that he didn't have any websites devoted to his ouvre - official or otherwise.

So I decided to create one.

I've become a fan of Mr. Borle's strictly through what I've seen on YouTube - and thank God for YouTube and the various people who upload videos to the delight of others, is all I've got to say!

Christian Borle as Prince Herbert in Spamalot
It all happened just a year ago, when the touring company of Something Rotten visited my midwest city. Christian Borle was not part of the cast, of course - he was in the Broadway version.

However, because I liked the show so much, I looked it up on YouTube and found all these marvelous videos of "the making of Something Rotten", and the cast performing at various NYC club venues, and that's when I found Christian Borle....and started seeking out everything else he'd done.

So this site is dedicated to Mr. Borle's work, but also the shows he's been in - for after all if it weren't for the playwrights, musicians, scene designers, etc.,, each show would just be the actors standing on stage with nothing to do...

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Thanks, and enjoy